About "This Man Called Jesus"

Christmas Drama that draws thousands each year. 35,920 attended in 2011
during 16 performances over three fabulous weekends. Presented by a costumed
cast of over 405 with live animals, inspiring music, drama, awesome sound
effects and lighting, this is a "must see" Christmas holiday event! This
two-hour production brings to life before your eyes the story of "Jesus"
beginning with his birth and continues with his ministry, miracles, trial, and
death by crucifixion, glorious resurrection and awesome ascension. A
spectacular "Heaven" scene finale' leaves the audience in awe! Bring all your
family and friends! Arrive early as seating is on a first-come, first- serve









Saturday, January 15, 2011


I attended the drama on Friday, December 10, 2010. It is the most moving event I've ever seen! Thank you for your warm hospitality.

Might be a good idea to list Jackie Hite's Barbecue in Batesburg-Leesville on your website. They also have excellent food and it would give people another nearby option.
Thank God for the ministry of This Man Called Jesus. It makes a major impact on my life each time I experience (for it truly is an experience) it. May God continue to bless this wonderful outreach and may He give you many souls for your labor.

We have lived in the area for 21 years, but have never made it out to "This Man Called Jesus" until tonight. As we had been told it was amazing! Though we have been believers for a really long time, the truth of the gospel presented in the play was so inspiring and touching. Thank you so much for your dedication to sharing Jesus with us. I have always recommended "This Man Called Jesus" even without seeing it since I had heard such wonderful things about it. But now, I can say with surety..."You must go see it for yourself!" Merry Christmas to all of you. It was a huge blessing to my whole family (the two of us, our three children and my parents).

Tonight, I saw this for the first time as did my son and husband. Our son cried with us through the entire show (he's 8) He accepted Christ at 6 and was baptized but told us tonight that this made him think about his relationship with God and that it could be better. That is wonderful to hear from the mouth of an 8 yr old. Thank you for refreshing the Word through drama and song. This has become a new tradition for our family that we look forward to next year. God Bless you

I and my family came to see this drama and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a once in a life time experience. It was great. My family and I all enjoyed it and we also shared some tears. I will definitely share this with my friends, family and everyone else. I would like to thank everyone at the church for sharing this with everyone else. It was truly a blessing to be there...

I just love this show and look forward to it every year. This year meant a little more because my family (especially my son) has had a rough couple of months and this show just lifted my spirits so high and reaffirmed my faith in Jesus Christ and it let my son know that he is not alone and that Jesus will be there for him and help him through this troubled time. Thank you so much for doing this and God bless each and everyone involved in this.

I love this play. Every time I have been I have cried like a baby. It’s an amazing play and hope that you guys never stop having it. It differently touches my heart.
I thoroughly enjoyed this play. The atmosphere and the surroundings along with the portrayal of Christ and his life were magnificent. This was my first time ever attending this performance and I must admit that the accolades are even better when seen in person. Seeing this play was far better than hearing about it any day. I am looking forward to seeing it again next year if God allows me to and I will bring more people with me so they can experience what I did.

The drama was most inspiring and spectacular-I have never seen anything put together so well. I am going back again this weekend with other family members. I am a Christian and believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You should accept love offerings.

This play was AWESOME!! I really enjoyed it and plan to see it again with some of my family. Your drama team/singers/light & sound/set designers/costume makers/etc. everyone involved should be very proud of the work they have done and are very talented. Even the parking lot attendants they were awesome and directed traffic that got us out quickly. I was very impressed all the way around!!! Thanks for doing all that you do

I would like to let you know how much we enjoyed the production. We attended the Sunday afternoon performance. My husband and I have seen the show several times, but this was the first for our daughter, who is 2 1/2. As the Christmas season is approaching we have been talking to her about how we are celebrating Jesus' birthday. She has been asking to see "her Jesus." We decided to bring her with us this year, and we are thrilled that we did. She was mesmerized from the time we walked in the building. She was overjoyed when "her Jesus" shook her hand and picked her up to give her a hug. She has been talking about nothing else. As one might expect she was slightly upset when she saw people hitting "her Jesus", but was put at east when she saw him come out of the tomb. At the completion of the performance, she really wanted to see "her Jesus" and we asked one of the crew members if it would be possible, she called back and arranged for Ansley to meet "her Jesus." I want to thank the man who played Jesus. He really made an impression on Ansley and I really appreciate him taking the time to meet her and show her that he was ok. She has been telling everyone how those men hit her Jesus but he's ok.
She was also given a palm branch to wave... this also thrilled her to no end.
To the cast and crew, thank you for telling this story year after year. We enjoy coming and my husband and I were renewed watching the performance through the eyes of our daughter. We appreciate all each one of you do to make this production the amazing journey that it is.

We have been coming every year for 21 years. Every time we come, we bring new people with us. Your drama is absolutely awesome! Thank you for what you do in the name of Jesus. I am a Christian and am a member of Rivelon Baptist Church in Orangeburg.

We attended this past Sat. night, AWESOME! We are Christians and brought some of our youth. Don’t know if anyone made a decision, but there were a lot of tears and questions. We know it touched hearts. This was our first time there, though some of our church has attended in past years and a couple of times this year and are planning on going again. Keep up the great work, you never know who or how many you touch! God Bless you all....

I work backstage, in the outcast crew. This is my second year. I love being involved with the drama. I love being able to help it come alive. This is an amazing production!

I am soooooooooooo excited again this year to be planning mine and my daughter's trip to "This Man Called Jesus". We have been coming every year since my daughter was in her junior girls Sunday School class. I try to describe this play to everyone who has not seen it, but words fail me. I tell everyone, until you experience it and see it with your own eyes; you cannot understand what I am talking about.
The cast is phenomenal, the scenery breathtaking, and the music spectacular! This is our Christmas tradition each year. My daughter is now 21 years old and is a Christian nursing student. God has so richly blessed our lives and I am forever thankful for that.
God Bless Each and Everyone of you for giving so selfishly and tirelessly year after year to bring this wonderful Christmas message of Christ's gift to us. We will see all of you there!

I thought the drama was marvelous and really loved the show. I hope ya’ll get a video recording of it where I can buy and show friends. Thanks for such a great show.

We attended the worship service at LMBC today and really enjoyed it. We also attended the drama event on Friday evening along with two sisters and brothers-in-law. We were impressed and inspired by it. The magnitude of that outreach is amazing. Many of your people must have a deep commitment to God's purposes to make that happen.

From all of us thank you and may God's richest blessings be upon your staff and God's people there at LMBC.

This play is the best. I tell everyone that I meet to go and see this play. I tell them if they see this play it would change your life to be a better person. It is great.
This was the best event I have ever attended. The performance was exceptional on every level. The music was beautiful and the performers were very professional. I have told several people this is a must see and it was the best present I could have received for Christmas. I kept my program and have read the prayer page every evening with my devotional reading. It speaks to me and helps me with my prayers. Thank You for this experience.
That was the best play I have ever seen you should come and perform at my church. I go to First Baptist Church of North Augusta, South Carolina. It is across the North Augusta Sno-Cap. Please let me know if you would come.
I attended the drama on Friday, December 10, 2010. it is the most moving event I've ever seen! Thank you for your warm hospitality.
Your cast and crew is 400, but I did'nt see any African Americans. I look forward to my next visit. God bless you all.
I thoroughly enjoyed this play. The atmosphere and the surroundings along with the portrayal of Christ and his life were magnificent. This was my first time ever attending this performance and I must admit that the accolades are even better when seen in person. Seeing this play was far better than hearing about it any day. I am looking forward to seeing it again next year if God allows me to and I will bring more people with me so they can experience what I did.

My family and I have been coming to this play 2 or 3 years and we all enjoy it and I’m sure we’re coming this year. I’m really glad we found this drama and we tell friends and family about this drama and they come enjoy it to !!!!!!

My husband and I went with some friends and took our two children, age 11 and 9. It was wonderful!

We would like to attend this year. May we attend the Nov 21 performance at 2:30pm or is this for handicapped and those with special needs only? do you have a performance that night or only at 2:30pm? Thank you, Pam

This play is very inspiring, touching, and heart felt. I'm so looking forward to coming to this play this year.

Thank you so much! This was my first time and I cried all the way through it.

I have to say I was not in the best of moods when I got there, had been a rough last few weeks, but after it started, I knew why God had me there! I enjoyed the program so much. First time I’d been and was absolutely amazed! Your church is such a blessing. Thanks so much. God Bless you All!

Thank you so much for your dedication and sacrifice. God bless! We were so blessed and encouraged.

Thank you so much. I have seen this five times and it gets better every year. Thank you. Praise God.

My wife and I were blessed by a member of our church and she said we “must” see this play. This play is etched in my mind and heart and I will remember this as for encouragement as we continue to plant churches in New England. God Bless you All! Thank You!! (This comment was from a Pastor & his wife who traveled here from New Hampshire just to see the drama….paid for by a church member who wanted them to see it.)

After seven times coming, my big wish was to take a photo with Gabriel, the Angel. My Spirit would love for that to happen. But I am a true believer and Spirit filled.

Many thanks for your continued ministry of “This Man Called Jesus”. Our church youth group have enjoyed this wonderful ministry since the drama was presented in your tent.

We came to your wonderful production of “This Man Called Jesus” yesterday and was surprised you did not ask for a love offering. Our church always does. Anyway here is a small token of our appreciation.

This was our fourth or fifth time to attend “This Man Called Jesus”. The first time we attended, the performance was under a tent (late 80’s ?) God bless the Lake Murray Congregation and their dedication to this mission.

Thanks for sharing your awesome performances of “This Man Called Jesus”. You are truly a dedicated and talented congregation.

I am sending you greetings from Chester, S. C. Recently, Dec. 11, members of my church (Bethlehem Baptist Church) made a trip to Lexington to see the drama play “This Man Called Jesus”. I must admit, I was overwhelmed and filled with joy. I could hardly sleep that night and I just been praising Him. I’ve told my co-workers about it and I have encouraged them to attend with their family. I believe in what you are doing and I know God is pleased. This drama looks like something I would see on TBN – Praise the Lord. My life is forever changed. Thank you for rekindling the spirit back in me. I fully appreciate everything that God has done for me, and I pray and read His word each and every day. As a token of my gratitude, I’m sending your ministry a love donation. May God continue to use you in a powerful way.

We want you to know how blessed we are and enjoy the presentation of “This Man Called Jesus” drama. We try to attend every year and have made it a tradition to bring our entire family! We pray for everyone who participates in it. We know it is a lot of work but your cast and church family makes it an enjoyable ministry to the public. We pray for each one and that God will continue to richly bless and keep them in good health as they minister. We want to send this love gift to help cover the expenses. May God richly bless the church and your ministry!

I had to drop you a note to let you know how wonderful your Christmas Show was! We came by bus from Pawleys Island. I especially love the praise and worship. We could feel our dear Lord’s presence! Again, a big thank you to all who made this afternoon so precious for us.

Thanks for making a difference. My husband and I traveled from Aiken County to see your performance last weekend. We were truly blessed. In addition, we thank our Lord for your faithfulness to Him in proclaiming the truth about Jesus. What greater gift could be given to so many who do not have a personal relationship with our Saviour. Thank you for all the time, effort, and love that you have put into this marvelous production. We are planning to return next year with some kids from Christ Central.

While spending Thanksgiving Holiday with family on Lake Murray, we attended the production and it was great. I pray many “unbelievers” will accept Jesus as their Savior. I am a member of a Presbyterian Church but am still a Baptist in heart & mind!!

I wanted to take a minute to thank each and all of you for the beautiful presentation of “This Man Called Jesus”. Before my husband passed away before Christmas 2009, the two of us came twice while you were still in a tent. Try as we may we couldn’t work a time to bring our 3 grown daughters and 2 grandaughters (twins) to go with us. This Dec. 17, my 5 girls came with me and it put the true meaning of Christmas back in our lives. What a wonderful treasure you as a church group do, to make all of lives a better place. Bless you all and thank you all for your kindness and very Merry Christmas to you all.

This love gift is given with appreciation of the wonderful performance of “This Man Called Jesus”. Our group traveled from Pawleys Island for Sat. 2:30 PM performance. It was outstanding and enjoyed by all of us. Thank you so much.

I thoroughly enjoyed and was blessed by your presentation of “This Man Called Jesus”. Thank you for providing this ministry.

Some of my family try to attend each year. We have been coming for about 20 years. It is so good. Thanks.

I brought my Senior Adult Group to your live play, “This Man Called Jesus” on Dec. 18 at 2:30 PM. It was our first time and hopefully not our last. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance of all the cast members and of course the story of Jesus right out of the Bible was tremendous. We just loved it so much and it just touched all of our hearts. The guys in charge of the parking did a great job. May God bless al of you, the Ministry of your Church, and all the cast members. We love you in Christ.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


2009 TMCJ Comments

**The following comments/story was written by one of the security officers who served voluntarily during the presentations of “TMCJ”.

I worked on the security detail for This Man Called Jesus with my fellow reserve deputies. This was the second year I worked the production and the second Sunday I'd worked this year. I was inside the lobby of the main production hall during the evening performance. I headed to the left side to walk "behind the rows" as I had been doing during both performances that day. It was after the crucifixion scene but before the resurrection. A small child walked up to me. I'm not good at guessing young children's ages as I am not yet a parent. He was old enough to walk around on his own and speak in coherent sentences - and old enough to understand right, wrong and punishment - but not quite old enough to understand that this was just a play. My best guess is he was six years old. Anyway - he asked me the most peculiar question.

"Did they just kill Jesus?" He asked. I said, "Yes, they did." He asked, "Are you going to arrest them for killing Jesus?"

Wow. How do you respond to that question? Tell him its just a play?

Come up with a wisecrack? Dismiss him outright? Tell him to ask his parents? Here is my response. Bear in mind, I do not take credit for the response... it merely came from my lips.

"No, I'm not going to arrest him, " I said. "When they killed Jesus 2000 years ago, it was the best thing that EVER happened to this world."

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. I pointed to his chest and said, "His death saved you..."

Before I could finish he pointed at me and asked, "And you?"

"Yep," I replied, "And me too."

The child's eyes grew to three inches and he walked away with a look of wonder on his face.

I stopped, realized what I had just said and that it was quite out of character for me (especially in uniform), looked up to the ceiling and thanked God for the instant of inspiration. That was HIS answer - it merely was delivered through me.

This is an encounter I will not soon forget. I'll see you next year.


Holly was speaking with a lady that works for the county in foster care/adoption services today who, when she discovered who we were, shared with Holly that she used the drama every year to bring de-churched or un-churched friends every Christmas .... thought you'd want to know that there are many Christians who value the drama as a means of helping them share the story!

Thank you very much for you kindness. I have been involved in missionary work for Japanese people. Now I go to seminary at CIU. This drama is great for Japanese non-Christians. Most of them enjoy nation wide commercialized Christmas and they know Santa Claus but not Jesus. I desire to let them know the meaning of Christmas. You have really encouraged me to do that. I really appreciate your kindness. Could you please keep praying that Japanese non-Christians, anti-Christians, Confucians, Buddhists, and Shintoists will open their heart to our God and believe in Him? May God richly bless your precious work and Lake Murray Baptist Church.

I attend Chappells Baptist Church in Chappells, SC and we went by bus to see this Drama. I have never in my life seen such an awesome production. All of us enjoyed this immensely. Sorry it took me so long to tell you this as I had misplaced the program. Thank you so much and we hope to attend next year.

**The following was written by a couple who lost their small children in a horrible car accident in June, 2009.

Dear Lake Murray Baptist, We just wanted to say thank you for sharing “A Man Called Jesus” with everyone. WOW! What an awesome production (lots of work that was worth every minute of work!) I just want to explain HOW much it touched us. In June, 2009, our children, Parker and Haley, went to be with Jesus. This has been a HORRIBLE tragedy & very difficult journey that we never imagined could happen. Craig and I have been leaning on God fully to help us through—And we have full faith that HE has a very big plan that we cannot see. We were invited by a friend to your play/production this year. We debated on going because we knew it would be emotional----But we are thankful that we did. The part where the little boy ran down the center aisle to Jesus just melted our heart. We could picture that being Parker running up to Jesus. It brought everything to REAL. The Heaven scene was amazing. There were 2 little angels---A little boy and little girl that looked to be Parker & Haley’s ages. WOW. This just really spoke to us. We appreciate all of the hours, hard work and everything put into this! We wanted to tell you that it touched us in a very special way. Love in Christ. We do have a caringbridge website: www.caringbridge.org/visit/crystalhewitt.

After many years we attended the presentation of your drama in Dec. The whole production was fantastic and left us with a feeling that we were right there as the events took place. Very emotional.

This was an awesome experience that everyone, Christians or non, should treat themselves to. Since the first time I saw it you all have made some serious upgrades though I thought it was awesome the first time. We brought our youth department and some seniors to see it. Everyone was greatly impressed at the hard work that went into such a production and for the youth to see the story of Jesus in production form made it more alive and real...easier to relate to and understand. May everything that you set your hands to do for the kingdom of God, prosper and succeed.


I just want to thank you for providing such a wonderful introduction to the Christmas season. I was amazed at the beauty and the magnificent way you presented the story. I feel that made Christmas for me. I am a Christian but each year I look for something to really help me keep my heart centered on the true meaning of Christmas. My husband is Jewish so I don't have his support. I can't thank you enough for touching my heart with this magnificent drama. I give God the Glory and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a servant. I will try to get others to go next year. I've told everyone I know. I will pray for your ministry to be blessed as you have been a blessing to me.

This was a great production!! My family and I really enjoyed it.

My family and I have now been to This Man Called Jesus at least 12 times. It helps keep the holiday season in its proper place. I believe it has been great for my children getting to know Jesus, to see what you read and hear. Each year we invite friends who have never been. Thank you very much one and all for your dedication to Christ. We will not know in this life just how many lives you have touched with your hard work, but I know the harvest has been great. Thank you very much for another year!!!

I thank God for your play, and as we are their watching it, the cast is playing their parts from the soul. I love the feeling of reconnection that I feel. God bless each of you!

**The following comment/story is from one of the cast members of TMCJ who portrays the role of the woman caught in the act of adultery in the Bible:

The power of the children and the real questions they ask are most often the most thought provoking of any experience in the production. When I play the harlot - I always get there eary enough to walk thru and visit with people and talk to them - it's funny that the children always think I am a princess - the head dress and jewelry always draws the kids - I am asked every time I walk thru by someone if I am a princess or who are you in the Bible. I always say ...

"Have you heard the story of the woman in the Bible that they want to stone" usually they say no - and so I tell them, Well, the "religious" men tried to trick Jesus and they use me to do that, (How? Why?) Well, see the lady I play was not a mean or bad person - but she did things that she knew was wrong, but no one ever loved her enough to tell her she needed to not do those things - when the men took her to Jesus - the lady thought she was going to die and she laid at the feet of Jesus and cried - Jesus loved her and knew the men were trying to tick him, and you will see how he not only saves me, but how the men see that Jesus is not someone you can trick - and while I am not a princess in the show, after anyone meets Jesus they can be more than just an ol' princess - they can be a child of God!! The responses range from - really? to I know that! The people sitting around listen, I always let someone wear the headset and they love it!!

Then I get the chance to speak to the Moms and Dads, ask if they have a home church, invite them to ours - it is amazing how easy it becomes to witness to total strangers when I put on that red dress and headset - how focused people become on listening to a small story of a simple unnamed women whom God uses - just as he uses me to tell the story to a handful of people each year - what can be better than to be a simple, unnamed woman whom God uses.

**The following comment/story is from a cast member involved in “TMCJ”:

I would like to tell you what happened to me this year with TMCJ. I spoke of this in our Sunday School class this Sunday, and Then God gave me another encounter for both the 2:30 and 6:30 performance.

The very 1st performance, I stood in awe when our “special needs” friend "Diane" cried out to Jesus to come and heal her. She was very emotional and insisted that she get him to her. Her drama mama tried to calm her down, but she was insisted that she get him to her for healing. She was so true in her emotions, that all of us around her were overcome with emotions. Then, at the resurrection scene, she was so excited with JOY to see Jesus come out of the tomb. My heart was overcome with such emotion that I did not think that I could go up on the platform, but then I thought, this is what TMCJ SHOULD make us feel. This was raw true emotion from a very special person. I will never look at this performance again the same way. Diane showed me what it was all about. Then this Sunday's last two performances I was given the privilege and JOY to walk with DIANE out on the stage for the singing before the performance. I was overcome again with her excitement to clap, sing and shake hands with the people. It, of course, took me a long time to get her to leave the platform, because she was having such a great time. I truly got my Christmas Gift early by being able to be apart of Diane's joy. I will never forget this 2009 TMCJ because of this sweet girl that touched my heart in a way never done before.
I now will look myself at what Christmas should really mean to all of us through Diane's eyes. We should all pray that we have the child like FAITH that she does. She has truly changed my life. Thank you Diane.

The Play was great it touches my Heart and Soul every Year and Thank you to Everyone that is involved even those who take care of the cast to perform.

The awesomest, most vivid portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ. The meaning of Christmas has been brought out in the most spectacular fashion once again for my family! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My family and I have been in South Carolina for about 5 months, but will be flying back to New Zealand tomorrow Monday Dec 21 2009. I have been a student at CIU. We shall tell all our friends, not only in New Zealand, but around the world, about your wonderful production that cuts right into the heart! We pray that God will continue to use it to reach many more souls for Him!

I brought my seven year old on a "date" to This Man Called Jesus. Thank-you for helping us to picture the Bible and make it more real. My son is already a believer but I feel this is something that will stick with him for eternity. Thank-you for doing this for free. We lift you up and will pray for your church as often as possible.

The drama this year was phenomenal! It always is every year that I come and it's been so amazing to see the things that have blessed Lake Murray Baptist Church to be able to have a building of it's very own for the drama. I've been attending the event since you all performed it in the tent outside the front of the church and I still look forward to coming back every year! I also think the way you all make scenes a little bit different each year as well. The cast was wonderful, as well as, the music and much much more... I want to thank your church personally for continuing to make "This Man Called Jesus" a family tradition for my family as well as many other families too. May God Continue to Bless You All & I Wish You The Best Holiday Season!!! Thanks.

I attended for the first time this year. I enjoyed myself so much I went back the following week and took as many people as my van would hold. I think everyone should see it at least once.

All the parking staff and ushers were so very polite and helpful in every way. A very moving portrayal of the life, and teaching of Jesus . It looks like you may have to knock the end wall out and extend the building another 50 feet to accommodate the huge crowds .

just wanted to thank your church for the work that you put into this drama. My family came this year for the first time....we like to do something special during the holidays as a family. Our children are now adults, ages 22 and 25. We are all Christians but received a great blessing from the drama. I asked our son this morning what he thought of it and he described it as awesome. He even said that he had talked with some of his friends about it. He is a senior in college and is very honest when asked his opinion. Thanks again for all the effort...we will encourage others to come and pray that it will continue to touch lives.

This is so wonderful!

This is a wonderful mission. You reach so many people through this. I have one suggestion. The donation baskets need to be more visible, I came with a group of eight and was the last one to go out the door and asked the people behind the counter if they took donations, they said yes and pointed out the basket sitting there. I was the only one from my group to do this, the rest didn't realize you had the baskets. Years ago, I believe you had people standing at the door with baskets. People truly don't mind this and love to help with this type of thing even if they can only give a few dollars.

Very Powerful!

What a blessing for the 2009 season. This drama reminds me of the real reason to celebrate. God is faithful to me.

**The following comment/story is from one of the humble servants who helps care for the animals during “TMCJ”:
Last Saturday night, I missed the drama due to a previous engagement. I provide a sound system for the Saluda Cattleman’s Banquet every year for many years. I am introduced to the guest speaker ahead of time in order to find out his/her needs so the program goes off without a hitch. This year’s speaker is a retired Southern Baptist Minister from High Point NC. He has served several churches including First Baptist in Charleston SC. In the course of the conversation, I mentioned (as I always try to do) the drama. His face lit up and he said “I was there last Friday night”. He had never heard of the drama and was invited by one of his children who now lives in Columbia. He said that with all of the time studying the Bible, this drama brought to light a visual side of the story he never had seen before. He was very moved by the dedication of the hundreds of volunteers who bring this story to life. Being a Pastor, he knows what goes into getting something like this done. I told him some stories I had heard: (For example: The unchurched man who said if a camel can bow to Jesus, so could he, or the story of the rebellious young man who was so moved that he straightened up his life, married a good woman and entered the ministry) as well as many other stories. We talked for over an hour.

He asked me to pass along a thought to you and everyone involved. He asked that everyone continue to realize that this drama provides a doorway for many people who may otherwise not come to a church. It was encouraging to listen to him talk about the opportunity we have as a church to reach out to others who may never know the story of Jesus. As we talked, I realized how much each person’s small part came together as a huge message from God. He made me aware that even though this church has been doing this a long time, he noticed the enthusiasm and excitement we feel as we tell this story. Excitement is contagious! As long as we let God take control and not let our pride control what we do or don’t do for TMCJ, the message will be loud and clear.

I do not know what the future holds for our church, but I can only hope and pray that along with His plans for LMBC, God chooses to also let us continue to serve him as a congregation by telling the story of This Man Called Jesus.

**The following comment/story is from one of the cast members in “TMCJ”:
I am more amazed this year than any year before that I can remember – that God put ME here to be a part of this drama. When I started 8 or 9 years ago, I knew I had to do my duty here and help, but no way could I, with anxiety & panic issues, be around all the people in that building, back stage, in scenes, etc. So for years I stayed in the nursery playing with babies where I was very much content. For quite some time, I felt God tugging at me saying, “Get in that drama…be with them and share with people…I want you there”. So I ignored Him a little while because I was scared to death. Two years in a row I tried by practicing in the crowd scenes. One year, I made it through the market place scene and that was it – I was out of there! The following year I pushed myself very hard and made it through John the Baptist. Then I was out of there! I was frustrated and wanted to almost argue with God telling Him that I can’t do it. Then the following year I asked Joan to pray with me about it as well as others. I prayed and prayed and people prayed and prayed for me. This is my third year I believe making it all the way through the drama. I keep ending up in these scenes now somehow that I never signed up for! I’m scared to do it, but then I listen to whoever puts me there and I find that I am not only NOT scared but that I love it! I LOVE being a part of this because I am learning how to be comfortable and witness like I have never before. I’ve shared This Man Called Jesus with SO, SO many people this year and I’m so excited about it. I’m excited about it because I now know the feeling after sharing God’s story – that is what He is teaching me and I never knew His plan. I just didn’t listen to Him. And I know that God put me there in all these places and He reminds me that I should keep faith in Him – don’t doubt Him. Wow, a feeling of guilt has come over me. I’m not deserving of anything. Not on any medicine to help with these issues I have in a big crowd. Not nervous. But I feel SO free, especially this year dancing with the laughing children during Shout With Joy (never thought I’d be doing that)! ONLY God can do what He is doing! I still can’t believe it. And look what God has me doing now! I cannot stress how blessed I feel. I don’t deserve anything! I mean, He chose each and every one of us here in the drama and if He wants us doing certain things, He has shown me very clearly that He will get us doing what He wants! ; ) We have to trust Him and we can use reminding that this is His drama and He puts us where we are each presentation. With that, I can only be content and continue to follow Jesus.

After going thru a very sad time of divorce and losing my family I turned to a life of drugs and very evil life style. I a few months ago came to God and been learning so much about Him. This drama really was so interesting to me and inspired me so much. I really really loved it and I'm so thankful for what "This Man Called Jesus" did for me. God bless your efforts and keep on telling others.

My family & I attended the production on 12/12/09 & have nothing but good things to say about it. We were amazed at how many people were there & how far some of them came to see it. We have a 3 yr old daughter & for most of the production she didn't stop watching it. She got a little squirmy towards the end but I think overall, she was pretty quiet. We couldn't believe that it was free & that no offering was taken at the end. We know it must have cost quite a lot to build the sets & get all of the cast together. I understand that they were volunteers, but they took time out of their schedules to be a part of such a great ministry. We are curious how many people are in attendance for all of the dates????

I have never seen anything like it. I was truly very blessed when I left. I want to thank each on who takes part for there hard work, time, effort, and talents that are being used for the GLORY OF GOD and the growth of his kingdom. Also I lost a pocket knife I was setting in sec.d closest to stage as ramp starts up from floor. It is black with pocket clip and says milwaukee on the blade.(milwaukee tools)if someone turns it in let me know I can send envelope to mail back, thanks again for such a Bible lead performance. My family and I were truly blessed, and I know the others that was with us from my church felt the same way. My prayer is that GOD will continue to use and grow your church to reach the lost. AMEN

I just went to the drama again last night. This was my 12th year!! I enjoy it every time and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. I have seen the drama change somewhat over the years with new scenes being added. They have added greatly to the play. I have to tell you though...the resurrection scene (in my opinion) is the most powerful scene in the play. Thank you SO MUCH for all the donated time and effort that is put into this production. You have a lot of talented and unselfish people. God bless!

I loved the play! It was an inspiration to my 3 year old child and I! I have never sean anything like it...I will be back next year!

I attended the drama for the fourth time today (fourth year in a row). Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, we look forward to attending each year.

We saw this for the first time on Friday 12/11/2009, My wife & I, were blown away WOW, what a performance, we might go see it again this Year, BUT rest assured, it will be on our LIST of things to see EVERY, year!!

I have gone to This Man Called Jesus for as long as I can remember and I plan to attend once I get home from college next week! It is very life changing. Thank you for putting this on.

My name is Kimberly Lewellyn and I am a teacher in Florence, SC. Thank you so much for your performance last Saturday afternoon. Before the performance my son fell in love with the black and white sheep that walked with the shepherd and his 2 sons. I have to let you know that when the sheep stopped, turned, and bellowed, my son was two rows back from the stage and directly in the path that he looked. My son yelled out, "That’s my friend!" Isn’t it amazing what little things God will do to touch your heart? Thank you for blessing my family with your performance and I pray that God will be with all of you for the rest of your performances! Love in Christ.

I have been a Christian since I was a teenager and over the years, I have seen many dramas on the life of Jesus, but have never been as impacted as I was with This Man Called Jesus. Hearing of this drama over many years, this past Sunday was the first time I had ever attended....it will not be my last. Thank you so much for caring about the salvation of the lost and the need for the saved to draw closer to Christ by performing this live drama. I felt as though I was right in the middle of Jesus' walk on earth and felt a deeper understanding of His love for me. Thank you again.

Our camp came down from Fair Play on Sunday. A long trip, but well worth it. It really helped our girls have such a comprehensive mini visualization of the life of Christ. Heavenly host looked a bit wimpy for an army (but with God all things are possible).We were really impressed by all the coordination involved to present such a major production. Thanks for providing this gift to the community. I am the director of Christian a year-round camping program for emotionally and behaviorally troubled girls, some from your neck of the woods. If any church families are in need of help with their daughters, we are on the web at www.wildernesswaycamp.org. May God continue to bless you.

We were truly amazed at this production but more than that "touched" so much. I have been to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando and I believe that this is a much better presentation. I commend your church and all the members of this cast for an outstanding performance. We love the Lord and this just really made us realize even more that Jesus died for our sins. It was a renewing for us. Thank you so much.

This was my first time seeing the drama play. It was wonderful. I know that you really made the Lord happy with the performance that everyone did. I would recommend everyone to go and see it.

Thank you all for your dedication to following Christ! I'm sure God is proud of how well you all work so hard and so well together to represent him and his son/ our Savior Jesus Christ! I visited and watched the performance for the first time this year. Truly, you are a very blessed organization. It amazed me to watch as Christians portrayed the evil-doers, the children (of all ages) participate, and how smooth the scene changes went. I pray that God will continue to enrich your lives and souls with the passion on Christ!

I just wanted to let you know that I love this play.God was truly moving thru the actors. They were not acting but retelling the story of the One they love, and it showed. Thank you again for being such a blessing to so many.

Thank you! We just got home from your 12/5 6:30 performance and I couldn't wait to tell you how much you have blessed our family. I want to tell everybody about your magnificent production. I know your performers are carpenters, doctors, lawyers, mommies and daddies, but they are also messengers of God. Thank you so much for giving us such a poignant reminder of not only what Christmas means, but why we are here on this Earth to serve the Lord!

WOW! I saw this drama many years ago and knew it would be incredible, but I had NO IDEA how much it has changed. The waterfall blew us away! My husband and I were moved to tears many times. My son (age 10) was finally old enough (in my mind) to attend. He was in awe. THANK YOU SO MUCH! What an incredible Christmas gift.

Absolutely awesome performance. Was my third time attending, but first for my husband, my 7 year old child and 8 year old step-child. Truly uplifting to reinforce the stories I teach to my children, and for them to be able to see it. Very unifying for my husband and I as a step in our spiritual growth together.

I went last year and I will be attending again this year. This was truly a touching experience and I have told all my friends. This is truly the reason for the season.

This is such a wonderful play and I thank God for this church giving back to the community like this. Have you thought about making a CD of the music of the play? This will be the 9th year I will be enjoying the play. Thank you for your dedication. My husband who is a pastor of a church, will be taking the senior citizens of our church to see the play. They are looking forward to this time.

This will be my I think 3 or 4 year coming. Last year I came to the drama 3 times. You can't get enough of it. This Sunday my church will be coming again. The drama is a blessing the people in the drama is a blessing. I pray that when people walk in they can feel the same love that we feel when our church comes to the show. And I know in my heart that the LORD him self is looking down smiling. Thank you all for the hard work you do for the ones that comes miles away to be apart of the show. You are truly a BLESSING!!!

I came to the drama last year and I loved it. I will be there next Sunday…cannot wait.

I have come to see This Man Called Jesus I believe it's been three times. This event is amazing. The performers are outstanding. You can feel the spirit of Jesus with you as you watch. I wish I had the money so I could bring many people with me. I would love for everybody to see the greatest event I have ever. Keep up the wonderful work. God Bless.

I love to watch the drama every year!! It is so amazing!! I like being a part and helping out with it too!! I LOVE THE DRAMA!! Every year I try to get more and more of my friends to come see it, and they always love it, and I think that it changes them.

I love this drama. I have been coming ever since it was in the tent on the front lawn. When I met my wife she had never been to the drama, so that year she came with me and it has been a tradition in our family every holiday season. We look forward to this even every year. God Bless every one that is involved in this, this is the true meaning of Christmas.


This play is such a well performed depiction of Jesus' life that I feel like I'm truly there and living his life beside him. It moves me every time I see it.

Enjoyed the play very much…would like to come again this year.

**The following comment is by one of the cast members in “TMCJ”.
I just wanted to say thank you once again on behalf of my daughters and myself for the opportunity to serve our Lord in the play. It’s been a real blessing. The girls love it, and they seem to follow along very well. My sister and her two children attended Saturday (all three are unsaved). They were really captivated by the message of the play. God’s word has power, and it really impacted them in a special way I believe just from talking to her about it. Praise God He has opened another door, and planted a seed in there souls. I pray this prayer for all who will attend. I hope I look convincing as a Sanhedrin member. I do enjoy working with all of the men, they have all been very helpful and encouraging, especially Bill and Jeff. I love working with those two guys, they have always been my two favorite characters over the years for some reason. I thank God for his grace and goodness to all of us. I pray that all of us who are affected by the play, attendants, cast and crew will be drawn closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and to his word. We are looking forward with eager anticipation for the weekend!

My husband accepted Christ here in 1999. Thank you for what you do!

TMCJ Christmas Drama was fantastic! Thanks to all of your Church Members for this Wonderful Christmas Holiday Event.

Once again “This Man Called Jesus” was outstanding. Thank you for this gift to the community. In appreciation.

It was my privilege to attend a performance of “This Man Called Jesus” Dec. 12, 2009. It was a wonderful and such a moving experience. It brought tears to my eyes as well as renewal of hope for our very troubled times. Thanks to All who were a part of this performance. Our church chartered a bus and we came from Enochville, NC. Wish you could have heard our group on the way home. I asked several of your people about a basket for a “love offering”. Everyone said that all who are involved do so to be sure that everyone knows the love of Jesus is FREE to ALL who come and they are proud to be a part of this ministry. It’s not much, but please accept my small token of thanks. God bless each of you in your ministry.

Thank you for your beautiful and moving performance. I pray you all are Blessed as you have blessed us. From a grateful visitor.

Saw the program on 12-13-09 and as always enjoyed it very much. The crew does a wonderful job.

For the first time, I was able to be at one of the presentations, “This Man Called Jesus”, the first of December. Enclosed is a small donation to express my appreciation for what you do each year. God bless you.

Thank you for another great year! We enjoy it every time. It helps keep Christ in our hearts all year long.

Thank you so much! “This Man Called Jesus” Christmas Drama was so touching to my husband, friends, and I. The live music, animals, and drama was absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing, and spreading the love of God for He is the reason for the season.

The enclosed gift is a donation for “This Man Called Jesus”. We attended the performance on Sunday, Dec. 20, and were so moved by the experience. We are long time Christians and praise the Lord for this ministry. The experience was truly a blessing for us. I pray the Lord will continue to bless you in this ministry for many years to come. God’s Blessings!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have been to plays all over this world and nothing is as moving as this.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just so that you know Joan, my daughter and I traveled to Gatlinburg, TN and attended “The Miracle” there. Even that cannot compare to “This Man Called Jesus”.
My daughter has been going since she was a little girl, and her 19th birthday will be Nov. 27th. She loves to come each year and so do I. I will never forget our first experience at the play. Our youth group was seated right on the front row of the aisle where Jesus falls with the cross. I remember watching their faces as tears streamed down their cheeks.

I am just so grateful that there are caring and concerned people that want to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friday, April 4, 2008

2007 Comments from Guests

This was a spectacular performance which touched every fiber of my being. I am 84 and felt I was standing at heaven’s gate myself. Ladson, S. C.

God will surely bless you and your cast members for the magnificent gift of the drama “This Man Called Jesus”. It was one of the most beautiful and special things I have had the privilege of attending in my 70 years. I came on a church bus from Winfield GA. …….Appling, GA

Dear 400, My husband and I attended the Dec. 16 performance and were amazed at what you all do. It is a wonderful gift to the community and a true ministry. I’m sure many lives are changed as a result of seeing the drama. The sets, costumes, lighting, props, animals…..are fantastic…….Cola., SC

Again I was so blessed. Each year seems to be to perfection and yet it gets better. God continues to bless you with amazing talent. Thank you for your love and dedication to the community of Lake Murray.
Simpsonville, SC

I’ve seen this play 7 times and like always my husband and myself don’t never want to miss it. This is what Christmas is all about. Thank you very much. Columbia, SC

We came by bus to see “This Man Called Jesus” and it was just great. Your members are very dedicated to the Lord to provide so many with such a marvelous Christmas present. Myrtle Beach, SC

It made our Christmas more beautiful. We need more of this in our life and country. God bless all of you and I’ll be bringing others next year to see it. Myrtle Beach, SC

Thank you for this beautiful play. We will never know how many people you have led to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank all of you. Leesville, SC

It is wonderful every year! We have been coming for 5 to 6 years. We feel we have had Christmas after attending this “wonderful performance”. We pray each day for you all for God’s help and strength and health. Columbia, SC

I wrote this song. I thought it would go with “This Man Called Jesus”.
“Who is This Man Called Jesus, The Man from Galilee. Who is This Man Called Jesus, He gave His life for me, Who is This Man Called Jesus, the man the Romans feared. Who is This Man Called Jesus, or have you never heard. He died upon the cross on a cold, dark, and dreary day. He shed His precious blood for sinners like you and me. He took our sin upon Him, the one who knew no sin. Who is This Man Called Jesus, I pray that He’s your friend. Salley, SC

Love from the West Coast. I didn’t make it again this year, but I am still here and very grateful at 77 years young. Thank you for the pamphlet. I still see the program in my mind. Portland, OR

Thank you and everyone at Lake Murray who has been a part of this inspirational production. Tyrone, GA

My husband and I and several friends attended the presentation on Friday night. It was very touching---it made us remember what a wonderful Savior we have and what unimagined love He has for us. I hope unsaved people were touched also and will seek to know Him! Sumter, SC

Monday, January 21, 2008